Meeting Attendance

Hi Au Pairs!

To be in good standing with Cultural Care, it is required to attend our monthly au pair meetings. You are excused from a meeting if you are sick, on vacation or if there is an emergency with your Host Family. These meetings are so important in order to stay connected with one another and with me!

We have evening meetings to accomodate¬†everyone’s busy schedules. It is important to arrive on time as to not keep everyone out too late on a weeknight. Arriving more than a half an hour late without notice and valid reason will be marked as a missed meeting.

I am willing to meet you separately if you absolutely cannot make it to our group meetings. Our separate meeting probably won’t be as exciting but I always love to check in with you and do not like marking anyone as missing a meeting.

*I will ask that you come to me in Hoboken for any make up meetings.

Thanks for your understanding ladies!






Friday, 23 September 2016 4:55 PM


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